Personalized Representation For
Solving Your Legal Problem

Custody And Parenting Time In The Best Interests Of Your Children

I am Terri Port Wright, a family law attorney who knows firsthand that every case is different. I work closely with my clients to understand their needs and how to best match the legal solutions available to the goals my clients wish to achieve. In custody and parenting time situations, the best interests of the children govern the outcome. Because I work individually with each client, I appreciate these situations and understand how to manage them effectively.

My firm excels at putting the legal structures in place that families need to move forward with their lives. This ability is rarely more on display than when families need help managing custody and parenting time.

Finding The Solutions That Fit Your Family’s Needs

Most custody and parenting time cases do not go to trial. To protect your rights during a custody or parenting time case, I will help you see the alternative dispute resolution options that are available. During these sessions, I make sure you understand the risks and benefits of any proposal before you make a decision.

I also help clients determine if collaborative law solutions would be the best to achieve their goals. In these situations, I help them prepare for social early neutral evaluation (SENE) for custody and parenting time issues.

Helping You Understand All Of Your Legal Options

Going to trial is a decision made by you, not by me. I fully appreciate that the client is the one who has to live with the outcome of trial. My job is to make sure you understand the possible outcomes of trial and the ramifications of going to trial. If you decide that trial is the best way to accomplish your goals, I will work closely with you to prepare for the trial itself. If you decide not to go to trial, I will work closely with you to develop an approach to resolving custody and parenting time in a way that focuses on the best interests of the children.

To schedule a consultation, call Port Wright Law Office in Cloquet at 218-451-4082. You can also contact me by way of email.